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Although teens and pre-teens seem to be miniature adults, they are not. Most teens and children do not respond well to traditional talk therapy. All behaviors exhibited by teens and children are simply their way of demonstrating their needs. Our job is to figure out what they’re trying to tell us. They must be engaged, feel empowered and heard, but not through traditional counseling methods.

Today’s world brings unique problems, stressors and challenges for our children. Tammy and the Kool Solutions team are experts at helping teenagers and children find their way of expressing their hidden anxieties and confusion.

The Kool Solutions integrative, results-oriented approach is never judgmental and always caring. However, there are high expectations and the strategy to help children and parents make a plan to resolve the issues is put into place quickly and efficiently.

Tammy worked in the public school system as a teacher for eight years and as a school counselor for eight more years, making her an expert in child and adolescent issues. She frequently gives workshops for professionals and parents concerning children, teens, and adults who deal with them. All the other counselors who work at Kool Solutions have extensive backgrounds in helping children, adolescents, and parents as well.

Proven effective integrative, innovative techniques that traditional therapists don’t usually employ are very useful in helping get to the core of a child or adolescent’s problem quickly.

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