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Expert counseling

provides the quickest way to solutions.

When some people hear the word "counseling" they might imagine going to an office and lying down on a couch while the counselor sits and listens and nods her head.

That’s not how Tammy counsels at all!

What sets Tammy and Kool Solutions apart from other

counselors' practices?

At Kool Solutions, our counseling concentrates on Brief and Cognitive theories of counseling. This counseling focuses as short-term, present-oriented counseling directed at solving problems and modifying thinking and behavior.

The counselors take an integrative, active approach to counseling, with the belief that counseling should get to the root of the cause of your difficulties as soon as possible so that we can guide you in the direction of a solution quickly.

Tammy practices an integrated, eclectic form of counseling that draws chiefly from the theories of cognitive behavioral therapy and brief therapy. Counseling sessions are a cooperative effort between the counselor and client.

As a catalyst for your growth and personal transformation, Tammy and the counselors at Kool Solutions will assist you in uncovering your strengths and positive qualities, as well as releasing the patterns that keep you stuck so that you can create and live the life you most desire.

Call 817-545-3371or email

koolsolutionscounseling@gmail.comtobegin your personalized service.

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