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Couples Counseling

You knew you were in love when you married the right person for you. You also knew that you were the right person for your partner. But now it seems you drive each other crazy and you wonder where that feeling of connectedness went. What happened to that couple you once were? What happened to the two people who always had fun together, shared dreams with one another, respected each other, and made love often?

You wish you had the same feeling about your partner that you had on the day you were married. Change is an inevitable part of life. Life gives us events that change our interactions with each other, either positively or negatively.

Successful couples learn to fulfill each others’ needs, respect each others’ differences, and grow together rather than apart. That’s where couples counseling with Tammy and the counselors who work at Kool Solutions come in.

There are several key issues, which if not dealt with properly, can erode a couples’ relationship:

  • Communication

  • Respect and Admiration

  • Affection and Sexual Fulfillment

  • Money

  • Power, Control and Anger Issues

  • Honesty and Trust

Family Counseling

The family, however defined or structured, is a human system consisting of the interactions among its members. Today’s families take many shapes. Whatever form your family situation takes, family counseling is designed to help not only the whole unit, but its individual members as well.

As family therapists, Tammy and the counselors who work at Kool Solutions recognize the different challenges and needs your family possesses. Therapy consists of whole family sessions as well as individualized sessions. Sibling sessions, parental sessions, individual sessions, whatever is necessary to aid in the healing of your family structure.

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