Kool Solutions - Licensed Professional Counselor, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy
Life is a journey
                                                 although we experience wonderful adventures,
we also run into some unexpected detours, obstacles and breakdowns.
Kool Solutions offers creative, yet proven approaches for dealing with those times when life’s journey gives us a bit more than we can handle.
We offer
growth-oriented, integrative mental health approaches,
          self-empowering interventions for overcoming  whatever obstacle or detour might have you temporarily  stuck on your life’s pathway.
Individual counseling
Family counseling
Marriage counseling
Concierge counseling
Integrative Mental Health 
E-mail Coaching
Positive Life Coaching
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Anger Management 
Trauma, loss & crisis
Specialization in teen issues
Group counseling
Counseling for teenagers 12+ Presentations
For personalized counseling you just can’t get in a clinical setting Tammy Koolbeck stands out! Highly credentialed, yet extremely caring, intuitive and knowledgeable, Tammy will help you with the problems you may be facing as an individual, a couple or a family. Call today to set up an appointment to get the help you need. Hundreds of satisfied clients have experienced the attention and guidance they needed to help them lead a more successful life. Let Tammy or one of the other counselors who work at our office help you, too!
Call 817-545-3371 or email koolsolutionscounseling@gmail.com to begin your personalized service.
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